How to Use Textured Wallpaper in Interior Design in Creative Ways?

How to Use Textured Wallpaper in Interior Design in Creative Ways?


The usage of textured wallpaper has become a popular and adaptable trend in interior design that can completely change any room. Your house or place of business will gain elegance and  individuality because of the elaborate designs, tactile textures, and depth that textured wallpaper gives. In this post, we'll look at some original methods to use textured wallpaper in interior design projects to give your walls a fun, exciting look. Textured wallpaper may be a game-changer whether you're trying to buy wallpaper online or are looking for ideas for your next design project.

Why Textured Wallpaper Is So Popular? 

Let's first examine the reasons why textured wallpaper has grown popular among homeowners and interior designers alike before moving on to inventive applications:


  1. Added Depth and Dimension: Textured wallpaper gives your walls depth and dimension, adding visual interest and breaking up the monotony of painted flat surfaces.
  1. Tactile Experience: Textured wallpaper's inviting texture invites touch and engagement, integrating your walls into your design.
  1. Flexibility: Textured wallpaper is available in various designs, patterns, and hues, giving flexible and unique design options.
  1. Hides Imperfections: It's a great way to hide tiny flaws in your walls while maintaining a clean, polished appearance.
  1. Easy to Maintain: Most textured wallpapers are simple to clean and look beautiful for a long time.

Innovative Uses of Textured Wallpaper in Interior Design

Let's look at some inventive ways to use textured wallpaper in interior design:

  1. Wall Finesse Feature

Using textured wallpaper to make a standout wall is a common practice. Apply textured wallpaper to a wall in your space that you want to draw attention to. This offers a captivating focal point and gives the area a feeling of harmony and balance. A feature wall may be the centre of attention in your room, whether you choose with a striking embossed pattern or a delicate grasscloth texture.

  1. Interactive Dining Rooms

To create a distinctive atmosphere, include textured wallpaper in your eating space. Think of textured wallpapers with tasteful designs or metallic finishes for a hint of refinement. This improves your eating area and creates the perfect atmosphere for special occasions.

  1. Elegant Bathrooms

Yes, textured wallpaper is appropriate for use in the restroom! Modern textured wallpapers are ideal for bathroom walls since they are frequently made to withstand dampness. When considering wallpaper design for walls in your bathroom, use textured wallpaper that imitates the appearance of delicate tiles or natural stone to elevate the décor of your bathroom. It's an affordable approach to creating an opulent, spa-like ambience.

  1. Bold Entrances

Textured wallpaper to embellish your foyer can help you make a lasting first impression. Wallpaper with texture can establish the mood for the entire house, whether it's a soft grasscloth or a striking geometric design. Add textured wallpaper to the foyer or use it as an accent wall for maximum impact.


  1. Office Complexity

Textured wallpaper may improve your workflow, whether you have a dedicated office space or work from home. Use wallpaper with soft textures and relaxing colours to create a productive space. It's a chic replacement for conventional workplace paint.

  1. Kid-Friendly Rooms

Not only are adult environments suitable for textured wallpaper. Additionally, it may add excitement and originality to children's rooms. To provide your kids with a creative and fun environment, use textured wallpapers with fun designs or 3D effects.

  1. Decorative Accents

A wall covered with texture may be a blank canvas for your creative endeavours. Several designers and homeowners use textured wallpaper as a background for hand-painted murals or other art pieces to give their rooms a unique touch.

  1. Vintage Appeal

Textured wallpaper might be your ally if you like the look of things in the past or the retro style. Seek up textured wallpapers with vintage appeal, such as damask patterns or elaborate Victorian motifs.

  1. Interstitial Areas

Use textured wallpaper to distinguish transitional areas like hallways, staircases, or nooks. It may provide a smooth transition between rooms in your house while bringing aesthetic appeal to these sometimes ignored locations.

How to Choose the Right Textured Wallcovering? 

Consider the following ideas when choosing textured wallpaper for your home design project:


  1. Consider the purpose of the area: Before selecting a textured wallpaper, consider the purpose of the site and the mood you want to evoke. Bedrooms benefit from muted textures while living spaces benefit from brighter patterns.
  1. Color Is Important: The colour of your textured wallpaper should go well with the room's general colour scheme. It can blend seamlessly or function as a stark contrast depending on your design objectives.
  1. Texture Depth: The texture's depth varies among textured wallpapers. While some are subtly embossed, others offer a more faint tactile sensation. Select the texture intensity that best fits your design goals.
  1. Durability: Make sure the textured wallpaper you select is appropriate for the circumstances in the space. Choose tough, washable textured wallpaper in high-traffic areas or damp rooms.
  1. Pattern Scale: Consider the pattern's scale about the room's dimensions. Smaller designs can offer depth to bigger spaces, while larger prints may overwhelm smaller ones.
  1. Samples and Swatches: Request samples or swatches of the textured wallpaper you're considering before selecting. Do this to check how it appears in your room and various lighting situations.

What Online Stores Sell Textured Wallpaper? 

If textured wallpaper inspires you to include it in your home design, you can easily get it online from reliable retailers like Digital Walls. You may choose from various textures, patterns, and colours when you shop online, making it simpler to discover the ideal textured wallpaper for your project.


As a result,

Your living areas may become attractive and welcoming settings by using textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper opens us to a world of design options, whether you want to give depth to a space, accentuate a focal wall, or inject elegance into your decor. You may choose the best-textured wallpaper to realise your design goals by considering the room's purpose, colour, texture depth, durability, pattern scale, and using samples. Why then wait? The rich, tactile, and aesthetically engaging world of textured wallpaper will elevate your interior design. Your walls will look more presentable.


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